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Slash-AI Agent

Enhance your customer conversations with the most advanced Automated Speech Recognition and Text-2-Speech technologies
Use SlashRTC’s Conversational
bots to acquire more business
with its super intelligent AI.

Automate your customer communications using Powerful Automated
Speech Recognition(ASR) and Text-to-Speech capbilities with near
human like voice and advanced speech recognition, provide your
customers with natural conversation experience.

Artificial Intelligence
combined with a
Natural Human Voice.

Connect the Slash-AI Agent with your existing CRMs to give
more contextual information and engage with your
customers for Self Service.

With our AI Algorithm based
conversations, a quantum
leap in the number of
qualified leads is a surety!

Greet your customers with name and seamlessly speak dynamic
information like amounts, policy numbers, date and time for
appointments and more information on a call naturally.

AI Agent for

Have 100% recordings and transcripts for all the
conversations. Integrate with third party CRMs to
get critical responses from the conversation instantly.

Improve & Enhance quality of every
conversation with Real Time Analytics and
Reports with Sentiment Analysis.

Contextual Conversations in Real Time with Natural Language Understanding

Generate large volume of calls to qualify leads, conduct surveys or send notifications

Automate your communication processes with Less Agents and generate more business

Get actionable insights with Real Time and Historical Analytics at Granular level


Surprisingly Simple and
Easy to Integrate.

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