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Slash Connect

Boost efficiency of your Helpdesk and Inside Sales Teams with a feature rich Customer Experience Platform.

A scalable, secure and robust architecture that is offered as a
Cloud Service or can be fully deployed On-Premise.
Start small and scale up or directly begin with thousands of users.

A true Omni-Channel Platform that unifies your Voice Calls, Emails, Chats and
Social Media Interactions into one application.

Let our application micro-manage your agents

Allow your agents to handle calls, emails and chats simultaneously and observe the increase
in producitivity. Have granular controls over the features that an agent can access; For
instance control how many concurrent chats or emails an agent can handle.

Or apply limits on the After Call Work(ACW) duration to avoid wastage of
time or allow agents to listen to the call recordings and view historical interactions
that they've had in the system and many more.

Comprehensive reports and analytics

With more than 30 pre-compiled MIS reports,
we have covered it all from the Agent's performance
to Interaction analysis at multiple levels

We are willing to further customize the reports to meet your
specific business requirements.

Third Party Integrations

Tightly integrated with all popular CRMs ranging from Salesforce,
Microsoft Dynamics and Service Now to Freshdesk, Leadsquared,
Zendesk and many more.

Every functionality of our application is controllable using
REST APIs that allows your developers to integrate the
communication capabilities easily with your
business workflows.

Leverage the power of
Conversational Artificial Intelligence . . .

  • 01.

    Handle your customer conversations
    with VoiceBots and ChatBots powered by
    Artificial Intelligence

  • 02.

    Let the customers directly speak into
    your IVR by eliminating complicated and
    frustrating touch-tone navigations

  • 03.

    Directly upload your FAQs and let the
    BOTs learn and handle primary questions
    or integrate with your applications
    for Self-Service

  • 04.

    Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
    capabilities to keep improving the
    BOT performance

  • 05.

    Seamlessly handover the conversation to live
    agents if the BOTs fail to handle the conversation
    as expected, thus maaintaining the customer
    experience at highest level

Feature Highlights

  • 01.

    Screen Recording with

  • 02.

    SLA notifications
    and Alerts

  • 03.

    IVR Workflow

  • 04.

    Preview and Auto
    Dialling modes

  • 05.

    Agent App available as
    a Chrome Extension

  • 06.

    Agent Dashboard for
    Self Assessment

  • 07.

    Skill & Attribute based Routing

  • 08.

    Mini CRM and Contact Management


Surprisingly Simple and
Easy to Integrate.

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